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IJWMT Vol.9, No.5, Sep. 2019

Interoperability in Connected Vehicles – A Review

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Shaik Mazhar Hussain, Kamaludin Mohamad Yusof, Shaik Ashfaq Hussain

Index Terms

Connected Vehicle;Interoperability;V2V Communication;DSRC/WAVE;High mobile environments;varying speeds


The introduction of automated transportation system and implementation of connected vehicle system has made interoperability even more critical than before in order to ensure effective connectivity , consistency , accuracy and reliable performance.Connected vehicles are employed with in vehicle sensor networks to collect , store , process and communicate with neighbouring vehicles to help drivers making life saving decisions. Connected vehicle systems enable the exchange of communication between a vehicle and world. Some vehicles may only receive communication, other vehicles may only send data and some may receive and send data. Hence it is essential that all systems , devices need to work together in a safe, trusted , efficient manner. Devices/Sensors embedded in vehicles follow different communication protocols as the sensors or devices are manufactured by different vendors. Hence management of coordination between devices is of much importance in Dynamic, Mobile, Heterogeneous environments such as connected vehicles. Hence, there is a need to create seamless interoperability to enable connected vehicles. It is required to enable intelligent transportation system (ITS) system/devices in Vehicles to effectively connect and communicate with other systems/devices. The adaptability of Interoperability when the devices are adhere to dynamics and mobile in nature becomes tedious and cumbersome. Solutions to interoperability is not much explored in literature. Existing interoperability solutions does not guarantee to articulate for high mobile environments such as connected vehicles where vehicles are highly mobile in nature and moving at varying speeds. The paper summarizes connected vehicles issues and challenges, current interoperability solutions, the impact of interoperability in connected vehicle scenario and demonstrates the effect of conversion time delay when exchanging data between source and destination pairs.

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Shaik Mazhar Hussain, Kamaludin Mohamad Yusof, Shaik Ashfaq Hussain, "Interoperability in Connected Vehicles – A Review", International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT), Vol.9, No.5, pp. 1-11, 2019.DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2019.05.01


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