Aims and Scope

IJCNIS is committed to bridge the theory and practice of computer network and information security. From innovative ideas to specific algorithms and full system implementations, IJCNIS publishes original, peer-reviewed, and high quality articles in the areas of computer network and information security. IJCNIS is well-indexed scholarly journal and is indispensable reading and references for people working at the cutting edge of computer network, information security, and their applications.

IJCNIS publishes 6 issues per year since 2020. Published papers will be available on line (free access) and in printed version. IJCNIS covers the following topics (but not limited to):

The network of the future and its applications

Network architectures and protocols 

Education in Computer Networking

Distance learning on computers

Grid Computing 

Cloud computing 

Cluster Computing 

Distributed computing

Trust computing

Peer-to-peer network

RFID Technologies

E-commerce protocols 


Intrusion Detection and Prevention 

Biometric Security and Artificial Intelligence

Cryptography and security protocols 

Authentication and identification

Piracy detection and tracing

Denial of Service and other attacks 

Channel Modeling and Characterization

Modulation/Coding/Signal Processing

Authentication, Authorization, and Billing

Radio Resource Administration

Network measurement and management

Bayesian Networks, Fuzzy and Rough Sets

Biometric Security and Artificial Intelligence

Cryptography and security protocols

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Authentication and identification

Mobile System Safety

Ubiquitous computing security

Security for Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Security in social networks

Security for web services

Security in Wireless Networks

GSM/GPRS/UMTS System Security

Security for Grid Computing 

Security for Personal Data and Databases

Peer-to-Peer Security 

Risk Assessment 

Forecasting Terrorism

Management of Computing Security 

Service for Intelligent Multimedia Security