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IJCNIS Vol.11, No.12, Dec. 2019

Performance Analysis of Network Applications on IPv6 Cloud Connected Virtual Machine

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Zeeshan Ashraf, Adnan Sohail, Muhammad Yousaf

Index Terms

BGPv4;Cloud Infrastructure;EIGRPv6;OSPFv3;NSV;VRF


The rapid growth of the Internet and a number of changes in the technology landscape have resulted to move traditional IPv4 networks to virtualized IPv6 networks. Reliable and fast delivery of network services with minimum hardware and lower cost are the main challenges for network operators in the modern technological era. Network operators are moving towards the virtual IPv6 networks. As IP protocol does not guarantee packet delivery, therefore, for reliable delivery of services like FTP, HTTP, and SMTP, the IP protocol is associated with TCP on the transport layer while audio/video live streaming, and real-time applications use UDP. QoS of video streaming and real-time applications are depended upon better network resources management and planning while QoE is dependent on network performance. Different sizes of the packet affect overall QoS. Optimum services can be achieved through the proper selection of routing protocol in the network. In this study, the performance of the IPv6 virtual machine connected to the large scale virtual IPv6 network through the cloud is measured and compared on the basis of the packet sizes of TCP and UDP. GNS3 network emulator and VMware have been used for testing and analyzing the performance of the IPv6 virtual network in terms of several parameters such as convergence, RTT, throughput, jitter, and packet loss. Results indicate that the EIGRPv6 routing protocol with the collaboration of BGPv4 delivers better performance through virtual network services over the cloud network.

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Zeeshan Ashraf, Adnan Sohail, Muhammad Yousaf, "Performance Analysis of Network Applications on IPv6 Cloud Connected Virtual Machine", International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security(IJCNIS), Vol.11, No.12, pp.1-9, 2019. DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2019.12.01


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