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IJCNIS Vol.3, No.1, Feb. 2011

Application of CL multi-wavelet transform and DCT in Information Hiding Algorithm

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Index Terms

Algorithms; wavelet transforms; information hiding; CL multi-wavelet transform; Discrete Cosine Transform; Chebyshev scrambling; genetic algorithm; Knight-tour rout


Taking advantage of a feature that allows theenergy of an image would gather and spread on four components (LL2, LH2, HL2 and HH2) in the sub image after first-order CL multi-wavelet transform, and Using the advantage of Discrete Cosine Transform in application of information hiding, propose an Information Hiding scheme based on CL multi-wavelet transform and Discrete Cosine Transform (abbreviated as CL-DCT). LL2 is embedded module of robust parameters (optimized code of Chebyshev scrambling and Hash value of embedding information). Embed hiding Information in LH2 and HL2 with RAID1 and fragile sign in HH2. Select a different range of DCT coefficients in LH2, HL2 and HH2. The embedding sequence of each bit plane is traversal according to Knight-tour rout. Experimental results indicate that the proposed scheme can increase invisibility and robustness separately by 5.24% and 28.33% averagely. In particular, the scheme has better ability against cutting attacks. The scheme has certain ability against steganalysis such as Higher Order Statistics based on wavelet coefficients. Moreover, the scheme has excellent sensitivity of image processing.

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Tao ZHANG,Shuai REN,"Application of CL multi-wavelet transform and DCT in Information Hiding Algorithm", IJCNIS, vol.3, no.1, pp.11-17, 2011.


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