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IJCNIS Vol.3, No.3, Apr. 2011

Searching Methods of MP2P Based on Diffusion Strategy of Resources Index

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Fangfang Guo,Jing Xu

Index Terms

Resource index, diffusion strategy, Epidemic Model, resource location


The inherent mobility of MP2P peers lead to an efficient of existing resources positioning method low, and the proposed application model is single. The proposed methods considered the resource positioning in the direction of the resource provider's, and implement it base on the diffusion resource index, which are spread in the model of epidemic. Networking connectivity model is built in the diffusion path. Diffusion resources index are used to position resources, so as to solve the low positioning efficiency of existing positioning method and large time delay. By comparing the proposed method, the flooding resource location method and the Structural resources localization methods, the obtained simulation results show that the proposed method can effectively improve resource efficiency and accuracy of the location method.

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Fangfang Guo,Jing Xu,"Searching Methods of MP2P Based on Diffusion Strategy of Resources Index", IJCNIS, vol.3, no.3, pp.26-33, 2011.


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