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IJCNIS Vol.4, No.4, May. 2012

Digital Forensic Investigation Tools and Procedures

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K. K. Sindhu,B. B. Meshram

Index Terms

Digital Forensic Investigation;Digital forensic tools;Cyber crime;Storage media forensic


Due to the significance of Data, in this new age, its’ security has become a major issue in the I.T. industry. Cyber attacks from various sources are demanding its prevention in the new era of information security. Digital forensic is a relatively new fields that is the collection, analysis and documentation of a Cyber attacks. It is becoming increasingly important as criminals aggressively expand the use of technology in their enterprise of illegal activities. Digital forensics investigators have access to a wide variety of tools, both commercial and open source, which assist in the preservation and analysis of digital evidence. A small percentage of cyber criminals being convicted confirm the difficulty in detection of digital crime and its consequent procedural proving in the court of law. An established forensic analyst mines the crucial evidence from susceptible locations to comprehend attacker’s intension. The typical goal of an investigation is to collect evidence using generally acceptable methods in order to make the evidence is accepted and admitted on the court. Efficient digital Tools and procedures are needed to effectively search for, locate, and preserve all types of electronic evidence. Main focus of this paper is the complete investigation procedure of storage media. Our paper also explains emerging cyber crimes and its digital forensic investigation procedures using digital forensic tools and techniques.

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K. K. Sindhu,B. B. Meshram,"Digital Forensic Investigation Tools and Procedures", IJCNIS, vol.4, no.4, pp.39-48, 2012.


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