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IJCNIS Vol.4, No.4, May. 2012

Mobile Governance based on WiMAX Connectivity for Rural Development in India

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Kalpana Chaudhari,Upena D Dalal,Rakesh Jha

Index Terms

ICTs;E. Governance;rural development;WiMAX;OPNET modeler


The research work aims to explore the nature, role and relevance of the wireless technologies such as WiMAX connectivity for rural area of Jalgoan district, India. It focuses on development of the WiMAX(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) network model using OPNET MODELER 14.5 and observe overall performance with fixed , mobile node with two base station .The model is Proposed to connect 50GKC (nodes), which are distributed all over coverage area of Jalgoan district using WiMAX connectivity. The 50 number of GKC are proposed to work in between 783Gram panchayats of Jalgoan district which is supposed to run with the support of Gram panchayat head . The scope of WiMAX is to provide last mile wireless broadband access for fixed and mobile users as an alternative to the wire line DSL and cable access. The physical and MAC layer of this technology refer to the IEE802.16e standard which supports five different data delivery service classes that can be used in order to satisfy QOS requirement of different applications such as VOIP, videoconference, FTP, web etc. The work is divided in three scenarios (network model), each scenario consist of different number of nodes with two BS and performance is observed with audio and video application such as VOIP and MPEG .All simulation results based on optimized network and area considered between two base station. The work provide the high speed wireless connectivity platform to build Electronic Governance project in Jalgoan district.

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Kalpana Chaudhari,Upena D Dalal,Rakesh Jha,"Mobile Governance based on WiMAX Connectivity for Rural Development in India", IJCNIS, vol.4, no.4, pp.49-55, 2012.


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