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IJCNIS Vol.5, No.11, Sep. 2013

Optimization of Routing in Distributed Sensor Networks Using Heuristic Technique Approach

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Lokesh. B. Bhajantri, Nalini. N

Index Terms

Distributed Sensor Networks (DSNs), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Routing, Selection, Crossover and Mutation


Distributed Sensor Network consists set of distributed nodes having the capability of sensing, computation and wireless communications. Power management, various routing and data dissemination protocols have been specifically designed for DSN, where energy consumption is an essential design issues for routing. Optimization of routing method is an essential for routing of DSN because of long communication distances between distributed sensor nodes and sink node in a network can greatly drain the energy of sensors and decrease the lifetime of the network. 
In this paper, simulation is carried out for optimization of routing in DSNs using MATLAB software. The objective is to maximize the network life time and improve the energy efficiency using heuristic technique. A proposed Genetic Algorithm based routing protocol is used for solving an optimization through the evolution of genes parameters, which are coded by strings of characters or numbers and genetic operations (selection, crossover and mutation) are iterated. Finally, the performance parameters for the proposed scheme are evaluated and are shown in terms of energy and routing efficiency, time computation and network lifetime.

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Lokesh. B. Bhajantri, Nalini. N,"Optimization of Routing in Distributed Sensor Networks Using Heuristic Technique Approach", IJCNIS, vol.5, no.11, pp.42-50,2013. DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.11.06


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