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IJCNIS Vol.6, No.8, Jul. 2014

Accelerating the Response of Query in Semantic Web

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Nooshin Azimi, Shahla Kiani

Index Terms

Query;Semantic Web;Optimization;XML Structure


Today, XML has become one of the important formats of saving and exchanging data. XML structure flexibility enhances its use, and the content of XML documents is increasing constantly. As a result, since file management system is not able to manage such content of data, managing XML documents requires a comprehensive management system. With the striking growth of such databases, the necessity of accelerating the implementing operation of queries is felt. In this paper, we are searching for a method that has required ability for a large set of queries; the method that would access fewer nodes and would get the answer through a shorter period of time, compared to similar ways; the method which has the ability of matching with similar ways indicator, and can use them to accelerate the queries. We are seeking a method which is able to jump over the useless nodes and produces intermediate data, as compared to similar ones. A method by which nodes processing are not performed directly and automatically through a pattern matching guide.

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Nooshin Azimi, Shahla Kiani,"Accelerating the Response of Query in Semantic Web", IJCNIS, vol.6, no.8, pp.26-33, 2014. DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2014.08.04


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