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IJCNIS Vol.7, No.11, Oct. 2015

Multiple Information Hiding using Cubical Approach on Random Grids

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Sandeep Gurung, Kritartha Paul Choudhury, Arindam Parmar, Kshitij Panghaal

Index Terms

Authentication;Multiple Information Hiding;Random Grid;Recursive Image Hiding;Visual Secret Sharing


The exponential growth of data and our dependence on it has increased security concerns over the protection of data. Various methodologies have been suggested to meet the security services namely; confidentiality, authentication and authorization. The (k:n) secret sharing scheme was recommended to isolate the dependence on a single entity for the safety of data. Random Grids Visual Secret Sharing (RGVSS), a category of a Visual Cryptography Secret Sharing scheme aims at encrypting a secret image into several shares using a simple algorithm. The encrypted information can be revealed by stacking the shares which can be recognized by the Human Visual System (HVS). The proposed VSS scheme exploits the geometrical configuration of the cube without distorting any of the secret information embedded on the shares. The rest of the secrets are decrypted by stacking the cubes and changing the orientation of one of the cube over the fixed one. Each side of the cube encrypts up to four secrets, the first secret can be decrypted by stacking the two cubical shares and rotating the stacked face of the cube at 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees, reveals the other three shares respectively The proposed scheme increases the capacity of secret communication avoiding the pixel expansion problem which in turn reduces the overhead of storage and communication significantly without compromising on security and authenticity of the secret information.

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Sandeep Gurung, Kritartha Paul Choudhury, Arindam Parmar, Kshitij Panghaal,"Multiple Information Hiding using Cubical Approach on Random Grids", IJCNIS, vol.7, no.11, pp.54-63, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2015.11.06


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