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IJCNIS Vol.9, No.6, Jun. 2017

Investigation of LEACH Protocol and its Successors in WSN

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Er. Kiranpreet kaur, Er. Ridhi Kapoor

Index Terms

Cluster-Head;Wireless Sensor Network;Base Station;Clustering;LEACH


Sensor nodes present in WSN plays its crucial role in sensing, processing and communicating data in brutal conditions. Power source like battery is required by these nodes for energy, which got sucked out in the processes like aggregation, compression and communication of sensed data. Extensive flaws seen now days are energy source constraints. After deploying nodes in nasty environment, worthwhile a battery is not rehabilitate. Therefore, proliferate usage of energy to enhance network lifetime is main issue. To clear up this trouble various clustering techniques are popularized. In clustering, sensor nodes group together to generate small clusters and CH is elected for aggregating data coming from cluster members. For large networks, hierarchical clustering model is applicable to assemble data at every cluster and transmit that processed data to the base station. This phase out repetitious data to be communicated which further curtail energy consumption. Various LEACH protocols are discussed in this review to enhance network lifetime.

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Er. Kiranpreet kaur, Er. Ridhi Kapoor,"Investigation of LEACH Protocol and its Successors in WSN", International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security(IJCNIS), Vol.9, No.6, pp.44-52, 2017.DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2017.06.05


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