International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security(IJCNIS)

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DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis


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Blocking of SQL Injection Attacks by Comparing Static and Dynamic Queries

Jaskanwal Minhas,Raman Kumar

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:1075KB), PP.1-9, Pub. Date: 2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.01


FPGA Based A New Low Power and Self-Timed AES 128-bit Encryption Algorithm for Encryption Audio Signal

IBahram Rashidi,Bahman Rashidi

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:786KB), PP.10-20, Pub. Date: 2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.02



Integrated Safety Mechanisms Based on Security Risks Minimization for the Distributed Computer Systems

Vadym Mukhin,Artem Volokyta

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:326KB), PP.21-28, Pub. Date: 2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.03



Selection of Next Generation Anti-Virus against Virus Attacks in Networks Using AHP

Sounak Paul,Bimal Kumar Mishra

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:987KB), PP.29-35, Pub. Date: 2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.04



Digital Image Scrambling Based on Two Dimensional Cellular Automata

Fasel Qadir,M. A. Peer,K. A. Khan

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:289KB), PP.36-41, Pub. Date: 2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.05



A Practical Privacy Preserving E-Voting Scheme with Smart Card Using Blind Signature

V.K. Narendira Kumar,B. Srinivasan

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:400KB), PP.42-50, Pub. Date:2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.06



Study the One-bit Hard Combination Scheme on Cognitive Radio Users

Md. Shamim Hossain,Mohammad Mamunur Rashid,Md. Nazrul Islam,Md. Abdullah-Al-Mashud,Md. Nurul Islam

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:1050KB), PP.51-57, Pub. Date: 2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.07



Rigorous Progress on Algorithms Based Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Trans-Egypt Network (TEGYNET)Management

Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed,Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed,Osama S. Fragallah,Mohamed G. El-Abyad

Abstract | References | Full Paper: PDF (Size:386KB), PP.58-73, Pub. Date: 2013-2-5

DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.02.08