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IJEME Vol.1, No.6, Dec. 2011

The Optimized White Differential Equation Based on the Original Grey Differential Equation

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ZHOU Rui, LI Ren-guo, CHEN Yao

Index Terms

GM (1,1); Original Grey Differential Equation; Equivalent; White Differential Equation; Optimization


This paper starting from the original grey differential equations, through finding the relationship between the raw data and the derivative of its , constructed a new white differential equation which equal to the original grey differential equation, at the same time, getting the new GM(1,1)model which closer to the changes of data. Through the modeling and prediction of the standard index series, this model not only adapts to low growth index series, but also adapts to high-growth index series, and the simulation accuracy and prediction accuracy are high.

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ZHOU Rui, LI Ren-guo, CHEN Yao,The Optimized White Differential Equation Based on the Original Grey Differential Equation", IJEME, vol.1, no.6, pp.44-50, 2011.


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