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IJEME Vol.2, No.3, Mar. 2012

Study on the Transform and Upgrade Strategy of Chinese Textile Processing Enterprises

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Zhou Haiyan

Index Terms

Textile Processing Enterprise; Dynamic Ability; Organizational Study; Industrial Upgrade; International Competition Advantage


Contracting with transnational corporations and their investing enterprises in China is one of the main methods of Chinese textile enterprises to participate in international production division. With many transnational corporations’ subcontracting activities entering China, more and more Chinese textile enterprises actively participate in the global production division system, which not only promotes the increase of Chinese export trade and economy, helps the employment and introduces advanced technology and management experience, but also provides a rare opportunity for the transition of textile industrial value chain as well as the growth and upgrade of domestic textile industry. Considering the factors influencing the sustainable development of Chinese textile processing enterprises, Chinese textile enterprises have much to do in improving their international competitiveness and achieving the transition of the value chain.

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Zhou Haiyan,"Study on the Transform and Upgrade Strategy of Chinese Textile Processing Enterprises", IJEME, vol.2, no.3, pp.32-38, 2012.


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