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IJEME Vol.2, No.3, Mar. 2012

Exploration and Practice for Evaluation of Teaching Methods

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Xiaodong Wang, Yingjie Wu

Index Terms

Evaluation; Interaction; Data Structures


This paper discusses one of a series of achievements of teaching reform for the national excellent course "Algorithms and Data Structures". One of the most valuable and most difficult reforms is to strengthen the practical aspects of the curriculum, while strengthening the teacher-student interactive teaching. Another innovation closely related to this teaching reform is a comprehensive scientific evaluation of teaching methods for this complex teaching process. This evaluation method will evaluate the whole process of teaching by a dynamic multi-factor evaluation. It will effectively promote the teaching level continues to increase.

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Xiaodong Wang, Yingjie Wu,"Exploration and Practice for Evaluation of Teaching Methods", IJEME, vol.2, no.3, pp.39-45, 2012.


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