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IJEME Vol.2, No.3, Mar. 2012

Exploration and Practice of SE-CDIO Educational Pattern

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Liu Jian-Bin, Yang Zhi-Yun

Index Terms

Software Engineering; CDIO; Undergraduate Cultivation; Educational and Pedagogical Pattern


Taking the requirement and the education goal of software engineering application talented person as guidance, referring to advanced ideas of the international CDIO higher engineering education, combining realities of software engineering undergraduate educates, this paper presents that innovative SE-CDIO pattern for the cultivation of software engineers is developed and implemented in curriculum system, practice teaching and other respects in the software engineering undergraduate specialty of Beijing Information Science & Technology University. Through designing SE-CDIO application personnel cultivation program for software engineering undergraduates, carrying out educational reform practice positively, we raise diligently the quality of software engineering undergraduates who conforms to the discipline and social development need, at the same time promote discipline and specialized development.

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Liu Jian-Bin, Yang Zhi-Yun,"Exploration and Practice of SE-CDIO Educational Pattern", IJEME, vol.2, no.3, pp.51-56, 2012.


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