IJMECS Editorial Board








Prof. Yixun Shi
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA

Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Bloomsburg, PA 17815. USA

E-mail:yshi@bloomu.edu, bloomu_shi@yahoo.com

Website: http://facstaff.bloomu.edu/yshi


Research Interests: numerical optimization and nonlinear systems, computational and applied statistics, computer mathematics, and mathematics education.



Associate Editors


Prof. Karim Faez

EE Department Amirkabir University of Technology Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran, 15914

E-mail: kfaez@aut.ac.ir


Research Interests: Biometric Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks, Image Processing, Computer Networks, Earthquake Signal Processing.


Prof. Luigi Lancieri
NOCE team, LIFL Laboratory, Lille1 University, Lille, France
E-mail: luigi.lancieri@univ-lille1.fr


Research Interests: Social Computing and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Measure and analysis of Human factor in computer mediated Interactions, Psychosocial Sciences.



Prof. Beltadze Guram N.
Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi,
0175, str. Kostava 77, Georgia.
E-mail: gbeltadze@yahoo.com


Research Interests: Game Theory, Operation Research, Decision Theory, Learning Organization, Mathematical modeling of social economics and political processes.




Prof. L. Senthilkumar
Professor & Head,
Dept. of Information Technology,
Sikkim Manipal University – Directorate of Distance Education, Bangalore – 560 008, India
E-mail: senthil.k@smudde.edu.in


Research Interests:Education Technology, Quality of Service provisioning in Internet, Cloud Computing and Big Data, Higher Education Challenges and Solutions – Learning Tools.

Member of Editorial and Reviewer Board

Prof. Dan Savescu

Director at Technologic and Business Incubator ITA Pro-Energ, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

E-mail: dsavescu@unitbv.ro


Research Interests: Machine Elements, Tribology, Management, Intellectual Property


Prof. Joseph J. Smulsky
Institute of Earth Cryosphere SB RAS, 625000, Tumen, P.O.Box 1230, Tyumen, Russia
E-mail: jsmulsky@mail.ru


Research Interests:Physical-mathematical sciences,Mechanics







Dr. M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi
Associate Professor in the Department of IT,
Head of Software Engineering in the Department of IT,
Head of Research in the Department of IT,
Faculty of Computing & Information Technology,
King Abdul-Aziz University,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
E-mail: rmuhammd@kau.edu.sa


Research Interests: Computer Science, Software engineering, Education Technology





Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Basset Matwalli
Department of Operations Research & Decision Support System,
Faculty of Computers and Informatics, Zagazig University, Egypt.
Head of Department of Quality Assurance at Isdream Company, Cairo Egypt.
E-mail: ielhenawy@zu.edu.eg


Research Interests: Optimization, Operations Research, Data Mining, Computational Intelligence, Applied Statistics , Decision support systems.




Dr. Ibtesam Al-Mashaqbeh
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science, Al-Albayt University (AABU), Mafraq, Jordan
E-mail: ibtesamirbid@yahoo.com


Research Interests: Computer application, Education Technology




Dr. Farida Bouarab-Dahmani
Computer Science Department, FGEI,
Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou, BP17, 15000, Algeria
E-mail: farida.bd2011@Yahoo.fr


Research Interests: Computer application, Education Technology,
e-learning, Knowledge representation.



Dr. Cristina Portugal
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil State University Paulista – UNESP, Brazil
E-mail: crisportugal@gmail.com


Research Interests: Education Technology, Graphic Design




Dr. A.A. Ojugo
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Mathematics/Computer Science,
Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria
E-mail: ojugo.arnold@fupre.edu.ng


Research Interests: Soft Intelligent Computing, Machine Learning and Robotics.



Dr. Kajal Sharma

Postdoctoral Researcher
Chosun University, South Korea
E-mail: kajal175@gmail.com


Research Interests: Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, Stereo Matching, Neural Network, Self-Organizing Map, and Real-time applications using Bumblebee Stereo Vision Camera and Kinect Sensor Device.


Dr. Oleksii K. Tyshchenko
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine,
E-mail: lehatish@gmail.com


Research Interests: Computational Intelligence, Soft Computing, Data Mining, Machine Learning.





Dr. Shuang Liu
Associate Professor
School of Computer Science & Engineering, Nationalities University, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Email: dlnuliushuang@126.com


Research Interests: Intelligent information process and machine learning algorithms.




Dr. Sanjay K. Malik
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer science and Engineering at Hindu College of Engineering, Sonepat, 131001, India
E-mail: skmalik9876@gmail.com


Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Science





Mr. B. Sriram
Sur University College/ Director QAU
P.O. Box 440; P.C 411. SUR

E-mail: sriram@suc.edu.om


Research Interests: Information Systems and Technology, Mathematics and Education








Dr. Farrukh Nadeem
Assistant Professor
Department of Information Sciences,
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology,
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
E-mail: farrukh.nadeem@gmail.com


Research Interests: High Performance Distributed Computing, Grid/Cloud Computing and their applications in e-Science and e-Business with distinction.



Prof. Sripati Mukhopadhyay
Department of Computer Science, Burdwan University, Burdwan, West Bengal, India
E-mail: dr.sripatim@gmail.com


Research Interests: Mathematics, Computational Intelligence


Dr. Faiz MMT Marikar
Staff Development Centre, General Sir John Kotelawela Defence University, Rathmalana, 10390, Sri Lanka
Email: faiz.marikar@fulbrightmail.org


Research Interests: Genetics, Cell-cell fusion, Molecular Biology




Prof. Sumit Kumar Banerjee
Department of Mathematics,
Dhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology,
Salem-636309, Tamil Nadu, India
E-mail: profsumit@dgct.ac.in, dr_sumitbanerjee@yahoo.com


Research Interests: Mathematics, Biological computing.




Dr. Z.B. Hu

Associate Professor
School of Educational Information Technology,

Central China Normal University,

No. 152 Louyu Road, 430079, Wuhan, China


Research Interests: Educational Technology, Computer Science and Technology Applications, Network Security Technology, Artificial Intelligence.





Editorial Assistant

Dr. V.O. Andrijovych, Modern Education & Computer Science Press, Hong Kong
E-mail: ijmecs@mecs-press.org