Aims and Scope


International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT) is a peer reviewed journal in the field of Wireless and Microwave Technologies. The journal is published quarterly by the MECS Publisher. All papers will be blind reviewed. Accepted papers will be available on line (free access) and in printed version. No publication fee.


The journal publishes original papers in the field of Wireless and Microwave Technologies which covers, but not limited to the following scope:


Wireless & Mobile Networking
Wireless Sensor Networks
Cognitive Radio Networks
Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking
Next-Generation Networking and Internet
Wireless Network Security and Privacy
Networking and Information Security
Network Protocol and Congestion Control
QoS, Reliability & Performance Modeling
Mobility, Location and Handoff Management
Capacity, Throughput, Outage and Coverage
Multimedia in Wireless Networks
Optical Networks and Systems
Space-Time, MIMO and Adaptive Antennas
OFDM, CDMA and Spread Spectrum
Modulation, Coding and Diversity
Wireless Systems and Signal Processing (SDR, MIMO, UWB, etc.)
B3G/4G Systems, WiMAX, WLAN and WPAN
Channel Model and Characterization
Multi-Hop and Cooperative Communications
Interference Cancellation and MUD
Radio Resource Management and Allocation
Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio
Satellite & Space Communications
Multimedia Communications
Multiple Access Techniques
Optical Communications

Active Array Antennas and Components
Antenna Design, Modelling and Measurements
Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Systems
Applications and Standards (Mobile, Wireless, networks)
Characterization of Material Parameters
Circuit Design and Applications
Electromagnetic Compatibility
EM Field Theory and Numerical Techniques
Hybrid and Multi-Chip Modules
Linear and Non-linear CAD Techniques
Low Noise and Communication Receivers
Medical and Biological Effects
Meta-materials and Photonic Bandgap Structures
Microwave Measurements
Microwave Photonics
Modelling, Simulation and characterizations of devices and circuits
New and Emerging Technologies and Materials
Passive Components and Circuits
Power Amplifiers and Linearizers
Quality of Life / Medical Diagnosis and Imaging Systems
Radar and Homeland Security
Radar Applications
Radar Architecture and Systems
Radar Signal Processing and System Modelling
RFID and Sensors
Si-based Devices and IC Technologies
Smart Antennas, Digital Beam Formaing, MIMO
Technologies and Devices (III-V, nano, quantum, opto)
Wave Propagation and Scattering: Modelling and Measurements
Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors Devices and Technologies, Reliability and Statistical Analysis