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IJWMT Vol.8, No.2, Mar. 2018

A Power-based Method for Improving the ODMRP Protocol Performance in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

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Arash.Ghafouri, Ahmad Ghasemi, Mohammad Reza. Hasani Ahangar

Index Terms

Wireless networks;Mobile AD hoc Networks;Routing protocols;ODMRP protocol


Mobile AD hoc Networks as a special type of wireless networks have received special attention due to having special features such as no need for central management, no need for infrastructure and high mobility capability and can be used in cases where creating an effective communication infrastructure is not cost-effective or is practically impossible, such as conferences, such as battles and communications after natural disasters. Several routing protocols are proposed for these networks. ODMRP protocol is one of the most famous and used protocols in Mobile AD hoc networks. This study was carried out aimed to discuss this routing protocol and then provide a new routing method for this protocol for increasing its efficiency. In the ODMRP protocol, the optimal route is selected based on the shortest route. In wireless communications and getting the nodes away from each other, the received signal levels are weakened and may result in loss of data, and in practice, the shortest path that works based on the number of hops loses its effectiveness. In the proposed protocol, the route is selected based on the received signal strength level. According to the simulation results, the performance of the proposed protocol increases by decreasing control overhead and increasing the packet delivery rate compared to the original protocol.

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Arash.Ghafouri, Ahmad Ghasemi, Mohammad Reza. Hasani Ahangar," A Power-based Method for Improving the ODMRP Protocol Performance in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks", International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT), Vol.8, No.2, pp. 27-36, 2018.DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2018.02.03


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