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IJCNIS Vol.4, No.8, Aug. 2012

Modeling Prioritized Hard Handoff Management Scheme for Wireless Mobile Networks

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Index Terms

Mobile station, traffic model, arrival rate, departure rate, blocking probability, call blocking rate


The channel associated with the current connection serviced by a base station is changed while a call is in progress. Usually, continuous service is achieved by supporting handoff from one cell to another. It is often initiated either by crossing a cell boundary or by deterioration in quality of the signal in the current channel. The existing call is then changed to a new base station. For the traffics which are non stationary at and are away from the servicing base station, the chances of a call to be handed off are increasing. In this paper we propose a scheme MH_2S to modeling and implementing a traffic model with handoff behavior for wireless mobile networks . The simulation model MH_2S with priority is developed to investigate the performance behavior of hard handoff strategy. Novelty of the proposed model MH_2S results that it can improve call blocking rate of handoff calls. In addition to this, measurement of blocking probabilities for both originating calls and handoff calls is another impressive achievement of the model.

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BISWAJIT BHOWMIK,POOJA,PIYALI SARKAR,NUPUR THAKUR,"Modeling Prioritized Hard Handoff Management Scheme for Wireless Mobile Networks", IJCNIS, vol.4, no.8, pp.21-32, 2012.


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