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IJEME Vol.2, No.11, Nov. 2012

Discussion on Teaching Pattern of Cultivating Engineering Application Talent of Automation Specialty

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Hui Chen,Zhanming Li,Wei Li,Haijie Mao

Index Terms

Automation specialty;teaching pattern;quality education;innovation;stereoscopic teaching


This paper presents some methods to improve teaching pattern of automation specialty to overcome the existing problems in the applications of traditional teaching pattern. These methods include bilingual teaching, class teaching, network teaching and innovation practice teaching. All of these construct a multi-level and stereoscopic teaching pattern, which gives some effective way to cultivate high level creative talented person of automation specialty. The application of the presented teaching pattern in actual teaching practice proves its effectiveness.

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Hui Chen,Zhanming Li,Wei Li,Haijie Mao,"Discussion on Teaching Pattern of Cultivating Engineering Application Talent of Automation Specialty", IJEME, vol.2, no.11, pp.30-34, 2012.


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