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IJEME Vol.2, No.11, Nov. 2012

The Research on the Program of Educational Technology Ability Building for Vocational Education Teachers

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Zhang liqin,Wei dandan,Huang lehui

Index Terms

Vocational Education;Teacher;Ability of educational technology


Modern educational technology ability is a very effective way to improve teaching efficiency and has become an important part of teacher training in most normal universities. Under the premise of the great development of vocational education, modern educational technology teaching to vocational teachers has become the general trend. Aiming at the characteristics of vocational education, this paper brings up construction program of educational technology capacity for vocational education teachers to standardize the management of vocational teacher training efficiently and improve the teaching performance of vocational education.

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Zhang liqin,Wei dandan,Huang lehui,"The Research on the Program of Educational Technology Ability Building for Vocational Education Teachers", IJEME, vol.2, no.11, pp.46-51, 2012.


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