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IJIGSP Vol.3, No.2, Mar. 2011

Modeling and Simulation of integrated steering and braking control for vehicle active safety system

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Beibei Zhang,Liang Tong

Index Terms

Vehicle, experimental platform, integrated control, active steering, active braking, Kalman filter


Active chassis systems like braking, steering, suspension and propulsion systems are increasingly entering the market. In addition to their basic functions, these systems may be used for functions of integrated vehicle dynamics control. An experimental platform which aims to study the integration control of steering and braking is designed due to the research requirement of vehicle active safety control strategy in this paper. A test vehicle which is equipped with the systems of steer-by-wire and brake-bywire is provided and the Autobox, combined with Matlab/simulink and MSCCarsim, is used to fulfill the RCP (Rapid Control Prototyping) and HIL (Hardware-in-loop). The seven-freedom vehicle model is constructed first and the approach of vehicle parameters estimation based on the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) is proposed. Testing the vehicle state through the sensor has its own disadvantage that the cost is high and easily affected by environment outside. To find a actual method of receiving the vehicle state using the ready-made sensors in vehicle, the researchers put forward various estimation method, of which have advantages and disadvantages. Based on the above, this paper applies the EKF to estimate the vehicle state, making the actual estimation come true. The primary control methods and controller designment is carried out to prove the validation of the platform.

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Beibei Zhang,Liang Tong,"Modeling and Simulation of integrated steering and braking control for vehicle active safety system", IJIGSP, vol.3, no.2, pp.1-8, 2011.


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