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IJIGSP Vol.3, No.2, Mar. 2011

Simulation and Experiment of Projectile Penetrate into Steel Target Acceleration Signal Processing

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Wen Feng,Zhou zhen

Index Terms

MATLAB, ANSYS, Penetration, Wigner-Ville, Wavelet, Time-frequency analysis, Signal processing


For a comprehensive and objective understanding of the dynamic overload character of projectile penetrate into a steel target, using the simulating software ANSYS/LS-DYNA, adopting of the corresponding ammunition and target model, and the process of the ammunition penetrate the steel target was simulated and computed, the stress distribution map, mode and some results were got, using ball cartridge experiment, the original overload curves and high speed camera results were got. In this paper, the acceleration signals, which are obtained by the embedded high-overload electronic solid recorder at the experiment of armor-piercing bullet penetrating steel target, was done of wave filtering and integral analysis and so on in time domain, power spectrum was got through FFT in frequency-domain, as well as Wigner-Ville analysis and wavelet analysis in timefrequency. The characteristic signal when armor-piercing bullet penetrates steel target under certain conditions was obtained. Through signal processing and comprehensive analysis, a kind of signal processing method was provided to engineers, by which concerned parameters can be got.

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Wen Feng,Zhou zhen,"Simulation and Experiment of Projectile Penetrate into Steel Target Acceleration Signal Processing", IJIGSP, vol.3, no.2, pp.9-15, 2011.


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