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IJIGSP Vol.4, No.9, Sep. 2012

Local Content Based Image Authentication for Tamper Localization

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L. Sumalatha,V. Venkata Krishna,V. Vijaya Kumar

Index Terms

Image authentication, Simple hash, Tamper Localization


Digital images make up a large component in the multimedia information. Hence Image authentication has attained a great importance and lead to the development of several image authentication algorithms. This paper proposes a block based watermarking scheme for image authentication based on the edge information extracted from each block. A signature is calculated from each edge block of the image using simple hash function and inserted in the same block. The proposed local edge based content hash (LECH) scheme extracts the original image without any distortion from the marked image after the hidden data have been extracted. It can also detect and localize tampered areas of the watermarked image. Experimental results demonstrate the validity of the proposed scheme.

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L. Sumalatha,V. Venkata Krishna,V. Vijaya Kumar,"Local Content Based Image Authentication for Tamper Localization ", IJIGSP, vol.4, no.9, pp.30-36, 2012.


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