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IJIGSP Vol.5, No.10, Aug. 2013

A Hybrid Model for Biometric Authentication using Finger Back Knuckle Surface based on Angular Geometric Analysis

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K.Usha, M.Ezhilarasan

Index Terms

Finger Back Knuckle Surface, Finger Bend Knuckle Surface, Finger Intact Knuckle Surface, Angular Geometric analysis, Tangents and Secants Method, Feature Information level fusion, Correlation Coefficient


Biometric based personal recognition is an efficient method for identifying a person. Recently, hand based biometric has become popular due to its various advantages such as high verification accuracy and high user acceptability. This paper proposes a hybrid model using an emerging hand based biometric trait known as Finger Back Knuckle Surface. This model is based on angular geometric analysis which is implemented on two different samples of Finger Back Knuckle Surface such as Finger Bend Knuckle Surface and Finger Intact Knuckle Surface for the extraction of knuckle feature information. The obtained feature information from both the surfaces is fused using feature information level fusion technique to authenticate the individuals. Experiments were conducted using newly created database for both Bend Knuckle and Intact Knuckle Surface. The results were promising in terms of accuracy, speed and computational complexity.

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K.Usha, M.Ezhilarasan,"A Hybrid Model for Biometric Authentication using Finger Back Knuckle Surface based on Angular Geometric Analysis", IJIGSP, vol.5, no.10, pp.45-54, 2013.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2013.10.06


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