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IJIGSP Vol.5, No.3, Mar. 2013

Video Watermarking – Combination of Discrete Wavelet & Cosine Transform to Achieve Extra Robustness

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Ashish M. Kothari, Ved Vyas Dwivedi

Index Terms

Discrete Cosine Transform, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Copyright protection, Robustness, Digital video watermarking


In this paper we worked on the video watermarking technique wherein we took video as a cover medium and some binary images as watermark to be embedded behind the video. Specifically we concentrated on the transform domain technique and we made use of hybridization of the two of the most important and useful transformations, namely Discrete Wavelet Transform and Discrete Cosine Transform, for the purpose of digital watermarking. We evaluated the proposed method with some visual quality matrices and based on the results we concluded that the proposed method provides extra robustness against various attacks as compare to individual use of each transform.

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Ashish M. Kothari, Ved Vyas Dwivedi,"Video Watermarking – Combination of Discrete Wavelet & Cosine Transform to Achieve Extra Robustness", IJIGSP, vol.5, no.3, pp.36-41, 2013.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2013.03.05


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