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IJIGSP Vol.7, No.12, Nov. 2015

Image Processing Method For Embedded Optical Peanut Sorting

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Desai Vasishth P., Arjav Bavarva

Index Terms

Optical sorting;Color image processing;OpenCV;Raspberry pi;Contours detection


Sorting of finished products or agriculture food has different method for ultra high speed quality inspection. Optical sorting is one of the important applications of image processing used in industries to replace manual method to verify quality of finished products or row food. Most of the systems use the computer as main processing device that perform image processing algorithms on it, such kind of system having limitations like higher cost, bigger size and large Initial boot-up time. This type of design cannot be implemented for ultra fast, higher capacity and smaller in size agricultural products like nuts, grains and pulses. Standalone image processing have embedded image processing platform that can able to overcome the limitation of computer based systems at certain level. As peanuts (Arachis hypogeal) come from farm, they are mixed with foreign material like rocks, moisture contended soil particles and outer shells of raw peanuts and they must be separated with high level of accuracy and precision. here discussed the multi channel peanut sorting algorithm that apply on raspberry pi ARM platform for peanut quality segregation by sort out foreign material as well as defective peanut like aflatoxin contaminants and fungi allergies contents from the required quality good peanuts. In paper we discuss about implementation of such a system by using conveyor belt method and image processing algorithm. Algorithm takes consider the color and size of peanut for optical peanut sorting process.

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Desai Vasishth P., Arjav Bavarva,"Image Processing Method For Embedded Optical Peanut Sorting", IJIGSP, vol.7, no.12, pp.39-46, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2015.12.06


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