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IJIGSP Vol.7, No.7, Jun. 2015

Stochastic Characterization of a MEMs based Inertial Navigation Sensor using Interval Methods

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Subhra Kanti Das, Dibyendu Pal, Virendra Kumar, S. Nandy, Kumardeb Banerjee, Chandan Mazumdar

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The aim here remains to introduce effectiveness of interval methods in analyzing dynamic uncertainties for marine navigational sensors. The present work has been carried out with an integrated sensor suite consisting of a low cost MEMs inertial sensor, GPS receiver of moderate accuracy, Doppler velocity profiler and a magnetic fluxgate compass. Error bounds for all the sensors have been translated into guaranteed intervals. GPS based position intervals are fed into a forward-backward propagation method in order to estimate interval valued inertial data. Dynamic noise margins are finally computed from comparisons between the estimated and measured inertial quantities It has been found that the intervals as estimated by proposed approach are supersets of 95% confidence levels of dynamic errors of accelerations. This indicates a significant drift of dynamic error in accelerations which may not be clearly defined using stationary error bounds. On the other side bounds of non-stationary error for rate gyroscope are found to be in consistence with the intervals as predicted using stationary noise coefficients. The guaranteed intervals estimated by the proposed forward backward contractor, are close to 95% confidence levels of stationary errors computed over the sampling period.

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Subhra Kanti Das, Dibyendu Pal, Virendra Kumar, S. Nandy, Kumardeb Banerjee, Chandan Mazumdar,"Stochastic Characterization of a MEMs based Inertial Navigation Sensor using Interval Methods", IJIGSP, vol.7, no.7, pp.24-32, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2015.07.04


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