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IJIGSP Vol.9, No.2, Feb. 2017

Data Content Weighing for Subjective versus Objective Picture Quality Assessment of Natural Pictures

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Suresha D, H N Prakash

Index Terms

Gaussian;Local Variance;Poisson;Salt and Pepper;Speckle;Structural SIMilarity;Mean Squared Error;Root Mean Squared Error;Peak Signal to Noise Ratio;Entropy


Estimating the visual quality of picture is a real challenge for various picture and video frame applications. The aim is to evaluate the quality of picture automatically in both subjective (human visual frame work) and objectively. The quality of picture is evaluated by comparing precision and closeness of a picture with reference or error free picture. The quality estimation can be done to achieve consistency in desired quality of picture with help of modeling remarkable physiological, psycho visual components framework and picture fidelity measure methods. In this article, the picture quality is evaluated by analyzing loss of picture information of the distortion system using differing noise models and examine the relationship between picture data, visual quality and error metric. The quality of picture & video frame assessment is really important that, every human can judge the visual quality of natural picture. The subjective quality of picture is assessed by using structural similarity metric, objective quality of picture is computed by root means squared error, mean squared error and peak signal to noise ratio and data content in picture is weighted through entropy.

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Suresha D, H N Prakash,"Data Content Weighing for Subjective versus Objective Picture Quality Assessment of Natural Pictures", International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing(IJIGSP), Vol.9, No.2, pp.27-36, 2017.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2017.02.04


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