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IJMECS Vol.4, No.2, Mar. 2012

Improve Teaching Method of Data Mining Course

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Sakha'a Al Manaseer,Areej Malibari

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Data Mining;DM Project;DM Lab


It is clearly perceived that most of theoretical information we teach to students are lost after graduation, mostly because abstract information do not last in students' minds much longer than the final exams, as they are not related to practical aspects and uses. Though labs are useful, they are not enough as they only offer exercises, but the course benefits will highly increase if students implement theories and exercises on a real life project. Data mining (DM) is one of the core courses which Information Systems students start to use after graduation once they start their career life. This paper focuses on improving the teaching ways of the course we shall implement, in order to attain a better understanding and comprehension by the students to make it more useful in their future real life careers, and it demonstrates the improvements in students' marks average after applying main concepts to real data

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Sakha'a Al Manaseer,Areej Malibari,"Improve Teaching Method of Data Mining Course", IJMECS, vol.4, no.2, pp.15-22, 2012.


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