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IJMECS Vol.6, No.11, Nov. 2014

Prolong the Lifetime of WSN by Determining a Correlation Nodes in the Same Zone and Searching for the "Best" not the "Closest" C.H.

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Mishall H. Awaad, Wid A. Jebbar

Index Terms

WSN;routing;cluster;CH;BS;network lifetime;reduce power;LEACH;improved LEACH;remaining nodes


There were a lot of methods that introduced in the information search field; one of those methods is the wireless sensor networks; and one of the most famous protocols in WSNs is LEACH protocol. And because of that protocol suffering from some defects like sometimes the node attaching to C.H. near from it, but that C.H. far from the B.S. even the node itself near to the B.S. than its C.H.; to solve that problem a new method will introduce in this research which basing on:
Allocation of 5 meters (0-5) and prevent the election of any C.H. on it.
Division of the Network area into four parts (near, mid, far, and very far) according to the node`s distance from B.S.
Restriction of the attachment between the nodes and the C.Hs. in the same part.
If a particular part is empty from the C.H. so the nodes will attach to C.H. from the upper parts, But with a condition (the distance between the C.H. and the node <= the distance between node and B.S. /2)
Through these improvements, good results were gotten in the simulation, which showed that the improved LEACH was more efficient than the original LEACH.

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Mishall H. Awaad, Wid A. Jebbar,"Prolong the Lifetime of WSN by Determining a Correlation Nodes in the Same Zone and Searching for the "Best" not the "Closest" C.H.", IJMECS, vol.6, no.11, pp. 31-37, 2014.DOI: 10.5815/ijmecs.2014.11.04


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